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Martech Launches Co-Generation. This is a very significant event for the Vietnamese Paper industry when a 100% Vietnamese company has successfully researched, designed, manufactured, installed and operated Co-generation system of Global standard. > Get A Quote >

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Water tube boilers are essentially the only type encountered in cogeneration operations. Water tube boilers have water within the boiler tubes; heat and products of combustion are external to the tubes. > Get A Quote >

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District heating power plants employ cogeneration systems to provide both electricity and heating for local facilities and homes. The exhaust energy of the gas turbines is used to generate steam which is then distributed to the consumers for use in heating. > Get A Quote >

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A boiler, however, generated the bulk of the steam. In the study, the boiler was fired with fossil fuels resulting in a 25 % increase in the amount of CO 2 sent to storage. If the fuel is coal, then additional gas cleaning capacity would be required as the boiler exhaust gases are also fed into the CO 2 capture system. > Get A Quote >

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Moss Energy is a division within Moss that provides engineering / procurement / construction (EPC) projects specializing in solid fuel boiler / combustion / cogeneration systems. Moss has been in the steam related and combustion industry since 1958 and the hospital medical waste business since 1982. > Get A Quote >

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Aug 30, 2018· Utilising the local natural gas supply network gas engine-based cogeneration / CHP systems provide a stable supply of electrical power that, if needed, can be isolated from the local electricity grid. The heat produced by the engine can be recovered either as hot water or as steam for use by surrounding operations. > Get A Quote >

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As a leader within the space, 2G Energy is a renowned CHP cogeneration specialist offering a full range of best-in-class systems spanning from the 50 up to 2,000 kW power range. 2G Energy boasts the most reliable and efficient solutions through a unique standardized modular design and an unwavering focus on engineering the best product and delivering world-class customer service. > Get A Quote >

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Cogeneration is a technique for producing heat and electricity in one process that can save considerable amounts of energy. Cogeneration is often associated with the combustion of fossil fuels but can also be carried out using some renewable energy sources and by burning wastes. > Get A Quote >